The 4 Best Android Apps for Room Planning

Putting together a room can be tricky. Will that corner work for the cupboard? Does this rug go on too far? Where are you going to put the bed? Sometimes you feel like you just need a clear plan to follow so you can easily picture how your room will look and set it up in the best way.

So, here are the four best Android apps you can use to plan the layout of your room.

1. Magicplan

Magicplan is great for making accurate and realistic room plans for your home. It has a number of features that will help you do this.

You can use the app’s “room scanner” feature to make a layout that is an exact copy of the room you want. You just need to let the app use your camera to find the room’s corners, doors, and height.

After that, you can add any features to the room plan, like units, outlets, windows, and more, to make an accurate floor plan.

You can also sign up for the app’s premium version, which lets you make room plans with up to 50 floors and an unlimited number of rooms. This will cost you about $15 a month, so make sure you’re going to use the extra features.

Download: Magicplan (Free, subscription available)

2. Room Planner

Room Planner

Room Planner not only lets you plan your own rooms, but it also has a huge number of other people’s room plans for you to look at and get ideas from.

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To find these inspiring designs, all you have to do is click to add a room to the app’s list of options. Then, you can scroll through a variety of designs, such as minimalist, vintage, and white-on-white.

But if you’re not looking for design ideas and just want to make a plan for a room, Room Planner can do that too. The design process is similar to Magicplan’s, but you can’t use a room scanner like you can with Magicplan.

There is a paid version of Room Planner that lets you set exact sizes, use real furniture from stores like IKEA in your plans, pick your own colors and textures, and see even more inspiring designs. You’ll spend about $15 a month on this.

Download: Room Planner (Free, subscription available)