6 iPhone Apps to Redesign Your Home Using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) apps let you use your phone’s camera to add fake things to the real world. This is helpful when you’re redecorating because it lets you see how furniture might look in your home without having to move it. With the touch of a button, you can also try out different wall colors, landscape plans, and even plan a remodel.

If you like augmented reality and want to make your home better, you might want to try these iPhone apps for interior design that use AR.

1. Wayfair

Wayfair is one of the most well-known online furniture shops. Wayfair has changed the way many of us buy furniture, so we no longer have to go to a furniture shop. Now, you can look through thousands of pieces of furniture to find the right ones and have them delivered to your home, often for free. Even sheds and tools can be bought on Wayfair.

If you’re shopping on Wayfair for new furniture and want to try it out before you buy it, you can. Using the augmented reality tool on Wayfair, you can see how the furniture would look in your home. This can help you figure out if it will go with the rest of your furniture and decorations. AR makes online shopping better in general, and Wayfair is no different.

Download: Wayfair (Free)

2. IKEA Place

IKEA is the most well-known place to buy furniture in the whole world. After all, it’s the only place that sells both furniture and meatballs. People drive for hours to get to an IKEA store because it has so many cheap pieces of furniture.

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You can also order furniture online and pick it up at an IKEA shop near you.

Download IKEA Place before you order online or drive to an IKEA shop. This app has models of famous pieces of furniture that are made to scale, so you can see if a certain piece would look good in your home. You can also get ideas from new patterns and changes you make to your room.

IKEA Place also has sets, so if you want to buy all new furniture, you can see what pieces go well together.

Download: IKEA Place (Free)

3. JigSpace

JigSpace is an app for making 3D slideshows in augmented reality. JigSpace isn’t made to help you update your house, but it is the best augmented reality app for working together on 3D projects.

If you want to remodel your home, you might want to use JigSpace to make AR models. Then you can work with other people to decide how the room should look. JigSpace can help you make a show if you want to hire someone to help you remodel your home. Then you’ll be able to show builders or interior designers what you want.

You can use a big library of 3D objects with JigSpace. You can use these things to help you plan out a 3D layout.

Download: JigSpace (Free, subscription available)