4 Troubleshoot Google Home & Nest: Fix “Something Went Wrong Errors” or “There Was a Glitch”

4 Troubleshoot Google Home & Nest: Fix “Something Went Wrong Errors” or “There Was a Glitch”

4 Troubleshoot Google Home & Nest: Fix “Something Went Wrong Errors” or “There Was a Glitch”

Have you ever experienced the frustration of your Google Assistant on your Google Home or Nest speaker giving you a mysterious error message? It goes something like this: “Something went wrong. Try again in a few seconds” or “There was a glitch. Try again in a few seconds.” It’s like trying to cast a spell, only to have it fizzle out. But fear not, fellow tech wizard! We’ve got the potions to troubleshoot these errors and get your smart home back on track.

Getting the Magic Back: Solving Google Home and Nest Errors

It’s a modern mystery: one moment your Google Home or Nest speaker is working like a charm, and the next, it’s whispering tales of errors and glitches. But don’t let these hiccups get you down – with a sprinkle of knowledge and a dash of patience, you can banish these pesky issues for good.

Step 1: Unmute the Magic

Ever felt like your smart speaker is trying to communicate in a secret language? When you hear a quivering, low voice and encounter those error messages, it might just be your device’s way of telling you it’s muted. It’s like the magical creature trying to speak, but its voice is hushed.

Double-check your speaker’s volume by tapping near the Volume Control buttons (left or right, depending on your device) on your Nest Mini. If you’re using Google Home or Google Home Mini, a single white light at the top indicates mute status. Tap your way to victory, and you’ll see the lights dance to the rhythm of your commands.

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Step 2: Reboot and Recharge

In the realm of smart devices, even magical beings need a moment to recharge and reset. If your Google Assistant seems to be having a tiff with other devices on the same Wi-Fi network, it’s time for a little solitude. Disconnect your charger cable and let your Nest device unwind for about 45 minutes to an hour. Think of it as a power nap for your smart companion.

Step 3: Uncover Hidden Woes

Has your loyal companion been through some rough adventures? A tumble or a splash of potion could lead to physical damage that messes with its magic. Give your device a thorough inspection – look for signs of cracks, dents, or any other telltale marks of mischief. If you find anything amiss, fear not; your warranty might just be your knight in shining armor.

Step 4: The Fresh Start Spell

When all else fails, it’s time to hit the reset button – but fear not, this won’t erase your enchanted memories. A factory reset will breathe new life into your device and erase any lingering glitches.

a) Physical Reset: Venture into the Google Home app, navigate to your device’s settings, and initiate a reset. Follow the steps, turn off the microphone, and hold down your speaker’s crown until a fresh beginning is promised.

b) Reinitiate the Setup: Once your device awakens from its reset slumber, it’s time to reignite the connection. Allow nearby devices to join the party, and your device will soon be singing in harmony with your Google Home app.


Just like a skilled mage, troubleshooting Google Home and Nest errors is all about mastering the right spells. With a keen eye for detail, a dash of patience, and a sprinkle of technical know-how, you can banish those error messages and enjoy a seamless smart home experience once more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why does my Google Home keep saying there is a glitch? A: Glitches can be like mischievous spirits – they’re hard to predict. However, one common cause is interference and static discharges. Make sure your Google Home/Nest speaker has its own quiet corner to work its magic.

Q2: Why is my Google Home not connecting? A: Sometimes, the simplest explanations are the truest. Changed Wi-Fi passwords can lead to connection issues. Make sure your Internet is waving its wand properly before diving into troubleshooting.

Q3: Can Google Assistant alone control smart devices? A: Absolutely! Think of your Nest device as a wise mentor – it helps you set up the connection, and then you can command your smart devices using Google Assistant on your phone or tablet. Perfect for when your speaker is in a “glitchy” mood.

Q4: Can I use a spell to fix hardware damage? A: While we wish we had a magical spell for that, unfortunately, physical damage is beyond even the most skilled wizard’s power. If your device bears battle scars, it might be time to call on the manufacturer’s warranty.

Q5: Will resetting erase my magical settings? A: Fear not, brave adventurer! A factory reset won’t erase your spells and enchantments. It simply gives your device a fresh start, ready to create new magical experiences.