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Instructional & Training Videos

Instructional & Training DVD Videos

An instruction manual alone just doesn't cut it these days. Your customers and staff need visual stimulation to help them conquer and fast track the learning process. An instructional video or training DVD can bridge the learning gap by offering step by step visual prompters.

The beauty is the interactivity of the instructional and training DVD video. Your viewers can return to chapters or sections within the DVD quickly and easily at any time for revision.

Training DVD-video case study:

Catwalk Beauty recently launched their new product "Catwalk Lashes" and required an instructional video to both compliment the product and train beauticians in the application of the Catwalk Lashes. Guardian Media produced a training DVD that coached the viewer step by through the application of the lashes.

Catwalk LashesClick Here to view (6.9MB .wmv)

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