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AVPA accredited member

AVPA Accredited Member

DVD Duplications & Transfers

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Transfer home video to DVD

"my kids love the DVD you did. It is so easy for them to just play a DVD rather than have to ask me to connect the video camera to the television for them to watch our holiday footage... And the Chapters make it so easy to move from one memory to the next!"


Transfer your home videos to DVD now. Delete unwanted footage. Add titles, effects, cross fades, chapters and motion menus. Convert your mundane holiday and personal videos into memories you are proud to show your family and friends.

Preserve your videos

Do you have lots of home video cassette tapes that sit there unwatched? Guardian Media can preserve your irreplacable memories on DVD.

We will sit down with you and discuss how your want your precious memories preserved on DVD.

Memories and tapes WILL & DO FADE. Preserve them now on DVD before you lose the image and sound quality forever, as happens with video tape and photos over the years. Don't leave it until it is too late!

DVD-R Media

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