DVD Disclaimer

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The format that your DVD will be supplied in is the DVD-R format. We use this format because of its compatibility with over 96% of stand alone DVD players. i.e. not PC DVD players or gaming consoles.

Unfortunately there are still some compatibility issues with DVDs. MOST new stand-alone units will play DVD-R disks, however some older units will not. If you are not sure, you are strongly advised to check your player's manual, or visit the following website to check for compatibility:


If you feel that your DVD player will not support DVD-R, then notify us immediately and we will endevour to arrange to have your DVD in a format that suits your player if possible.

We are happy to loan you previous productions we have done to test out your player. This can be arranged in your consultation.

For any other questions please contact: Guardian Media on 02 9328 5264.